Kaggle Competition Past Solutions

[edit: last update at 2014/06/27. My apologies, have been very busy the past few months.]

We learn more from code, and from great code. Not necessarily always the 1st ranking solution, because we also learn what makes a stellar and just a good solution. I will post solutions I came upon so we can all learn to become better!

I collected the following source code and interesting discussions from the Kaggle held competitions for learning purposes. Not all competitions are listed because I am only manually collecting them, also some competitions are not listed due to no one sharing. I will add more as time goes by. Thank you.

Algorithmic Trading Challenge

Allstate Purchase Prediction Challenge

Amazon.com – Employee Access Challenge

AMS 2013-2014 Solar Energy Prediction Contest

Belkin Energy Disaggregation Competition

Challenges in Representation Learning: Facial Expression Recognition Challenge

Challenges in Representation Learning: The Black Box Learning Challenge

Challenges in Representation Learning: Multi-modal Learning

Detecting Insults in Social Commentary

EMI Music Data Science Hackathon

Galaxy Zoo – The Galaxy Challenge

Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2012 – Wind Forecasting

KDD Cup 2013 – Author-Paper Identification Challenge (Track 1)

KDD Cup 2013 – Author Disambiguation Challenge (Track 2)

Large Scale Hierarchical Text Classification

Loan Default Prediction – Imperial College London

Merck Molecular Activity Challenge

MLSP 2013 Bird Classification Challenge

Observing the Dark World

PAKDD 2014 – ASUS Malfunctional Components Prediction

Personalize Expedia Hotel Searches – ICDM 2013

Predicting a Biological Response

Predicting Closed Questions on Stack Overflow

See Click Predict Fix

See Click Predict Fix – Hackathon

StumbleUpon Evergreen Classification Challenge

The Analytics Edge (15.071x)

The Marinexplore and Cornell University Whale Detection Challenge

Walmart Recruiting – Store Sales Forecasting

Thank you Foxtrot, James Petterson, Ben S for providing some of the links and solutions above.

16 thoughts on “Kaggle Competition Past Solutions

  1. Ankur

    This is a really nice initiative!! Really looking forward to seeing more posts and highlights of solutions/code here. Keep up the good work ! Cheers !

  2. Stephen

    Thanks so much for this. As a novice Kaggler this will be really beneficial. I shall try and assist to make the list more comprehensive by working on some of the other competitions and sending them through.

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  7. Thomas

    Amazing post!

    Thank you so much for putting those together.
    Do you have any recommendation regarding the order one should check those?

    Thank you again!

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